Seeking New Publisher

At present I'm seeking someone to partner with on the 2024 Fall/Winter guide who will eventually take over future editions on their own.

Ideally, this person (or business) will be:

  1. Based in Marfa and/or extremely knowledgeable about the unique art/hotel/restaurant scene.
  2. Experienced in magazine layout. This is incredibly important. Magazine layout is a special kind of beast. You'll need to know and understand InDesign. If you have a working knowledge of Adobe Suite products, you can probably learn InDesign quickly. Most importantly, you will need to have a working understanding of pagination, how ads are bled or floated, and how text is formatted and arranged to flow between pages. You also need to have a strong understanding of print resolution standards. All of this can be learned with some amount of effort and online coursework. It's not brain surgery. But there must be an active willingness to develop the core skill set necessary to bring a job to print.
  3. Experienced in taking a project to print, including file prep, color management, uploading files to printer, online proofing, proof revisions, etc.
  4. A disciplined self-starter willing to work hard to meet stringent deadlines, and participate in distribution throughout the year. 
  5. Willing to support two local non-profit organizations that I believe represent the core of what makes Marfa a place like no other. Those being Marfa Studio of Arts and Blackwell School. 

There are a number of creative arrangements for how this partnership or transfer or ownership might work, but the most important thing to note is that my only objective is to find a steward for the guide I started almost twenty years ago. Full ownership will be transfer to the new publisher, including the e-commerce database, access to the mailing list, recent Adobe InDesign files, and the collection of advertiser art files.